Polarised vs Non-Polarised


Have you ever attended an optician and when ordering your glasses they’ve offered you polarised lenses? Now, you may think they’re just trying to upgrade your lenses for an extra arm and a leg, however polarised lenses are actually very useful. I will explain in more detail what the benefits are, without making it too confusing. 

I'll give you an example: imagine driving on the motorway you’ve got a long journey ahead of you, it’s raining and you’re trying really hard to concentrate on the road. Out of nowhere the Sun comes out. All the rainfall on the road reflects back and causes your eyes to water because of the unforgiving glare. The drive now feels longer as you're constantly trying to blink away your watery eyes. Now just imagine a filter over your eyes *cue POLARISED SUNNIES* that completely cuts that harsh bright reflected light from the road altogether. Driving suddenly feels much safer. Polarised sunglasses make any activities where the sun meets a shiny surface much easier to view as it cuts out any horizontal light waves reflecting back. Overall they enhance visual acuity, colour contrast and increase visual comfort whist blocking almost 100% of harmful rays of UVA and UVB. 

A simple comparison: those of you that have experienced noise cancelling AirPods which cut out any external noise will hardly ever consider going back to normal AirPods without this enhancement. Similarly, polarised lenses relieve unnecessary noise in the form harsh reflections, making a more comfortable viewing experience for you. Be aware, once you have polarised lenses in your sunglasses, you will never want to see through plain tinted sunglasses ever again!

Luckily, at MIAIM Eyewear you do not need to consider the additional costs as all of our frames include polarised lenses. This is because we believe optimum comfort in Vision is just as important as the vanity when wearing Sunnies. 



MIAIM Eyewear Co Founder 

Dhruti Dabhi MCOptom